Fairy Trip Facial Spa Mask霏尔尼花瓣水疗面膜 Efficacy of Bulgar Rose 🌹功效:- Whitening, Remove Browning , Brightening , Remove Lipid, Hydrating & Replenishment ,Pores Shrinkage , Desalination Freckles & Remove Blackheads It's the only Spa Facial Mask which ordinary made from Flowers among. All the ingredients are purely Raw Materials & NO component of chemistry Suit to all Type Skin. Fairy Trip Spa Mask have TWO Types, which are adopt from Natural Bulgar Rose & Top German Chamomile . It's Purely Natural from Plants 🌱 Adult & children all can use. Can even apply on whole body. The petal inside WILL NOT change Colour because NO added chemistry. If do have , sure will become brown or black.🌹🌼