SoSlim [Instocks, 101% Authentic] DM me for payment and meetups (MRT stations) /delivery information! Or whatsapp me at 90692474 Introducing SoSlim's COLD sensation slimming gel which includes real GOLD flakes! 10 AMAZING EFFECTS! ✔ Slimming ✔ Reduce cellulites ✔ Reduce stretch marks ✔ Reduce water retention ✔ Reduce dark spots or scars ✔ Firming and lifting ✔ Highly moisturizing ✔ Whiten and brighten ✔ Increase skin’s elasticity ✔ Disintegrate stubborn fats WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ✔ 100ml / 3.4oz ✔ Formulated in Singapore ✔ One tube can be used for 2-4 weeks, if you are using twice a week ✔ Each tube can last for 3 years if unopened. Once opened, it can last up to 6 months! Single Bundle $62 1 x SoSlim Slimming Gel 1 x Massager 1 x Measuring Tape Twin Bundle $112 2 x SoSlim Slimming Gel 1 x Massager 1 x Measuring Tape Recommended Usage: Squeeze out a pea sized amount and spread with your hands before using the massager. Massage in a circular motion until the gel has been fully absorbed. It might be tacky or sticky but it’ll be fine after few minutes. Advisable to use after shower and twice a day for best results.