Tuition GP results ,Improvement Guaranteed Excellence Academy (EA) Tuition Centre provides exclusive detailed and conclusive study notes (with sub-notes and full notes), which precisely and accurately follows the GP syllabus. 100% rate of improvement for prelim results known so far in 2017 During lectures in 2017 ,11 out 12 essay question was covered and expounded in detail. The social media topic was specifically emphasised during Comprehension revision session ,and the social media topic came out precisely in paper 2. The lecturer explained to the students how to properly answer various types of question. "You are a good teacher" Song Ting Ting Former IELTS student SMS received on 27.02.2015 "Thank you for helping us guys improve our GP results tremendously .Panny got an A Nabil got a B ,Vengka got a D and i got a C .We are all happy that we managed to pass it!" Benedict Jacob Former A-level student ,MI SMS received on 07.03.2015 *1-3 aggregate increment (e.g E to B) within 3 months These notes and model essays enable our students to achieve excellent results for their exams. We are able to help you achieve maximized improvements in your academic results regardless of the institution you belong to! Our Results: ​Kenneth Loi from Victoria JC, J2 students, had his GP result boosted from grade E to grade B (66 marks) Daniel Fleury improved his GP from grade D for preliminary exam to grade A for the Final A Level GP Nabil had his result increased fromU grade for prelim to B grade for the Final A Level GP Benedict Jacob improved his result from U grade for prelim to C grade for the Final A Level GP Lee Ming Ze ,scholar of ACJC from China achieved A for his GP in 2015 Small Group lecture, maximum 8 students per session, only few seats available left. Contact us: 83100425 (English) 90014055 82449871 (Enquiries in Chinese) WeChat: 843248622